Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Clearance Gods, they smile upon me, yes they do

In the past two weeks, little treasures (perhaps returned from other stores) have popped up on the 80% sale rack at Field's:

1 plum colored knit Grace sleeveless shell - was $59, now $11.

1 black knit Grace trumpet skirt - was $79, now $15.

And the steal...
1 Ralph Lauren knit black cardigan with a polka dot silk satin front and little pearls for buttons - was $159.00, now $7.88. I saw versions of the sweater in brown and navy that didn't thrill me. But black? That works. Who the hell cares that I have to dry-clean it once in a blue moon?

And the old saw is true - if you want to find TJ Maxx or thrift store prices at the department store, you gotta visit often.

Now to wait for the bathing suits to drop down to nothin'.


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