Sunday, October 23, 2005

More gigs, you lucky people

From the O.G. in GST
"...[1st set - Tim Kaiser]
Duluth based sonic performance artist Tim Kaiser
returns to the Acadia. Kaiser's compelling and
ethereal soundscapes are created on unique instruments
that he designs and builds.

For more about Kaiser's work, go to:

[2nd set - AntiGravity]
- Dean Granros (guitar)
- Pat O'keefe (winds)
- Steve Goldstein (laptop)
- Scott Fultz (saxophone)
- Jacqeline Ferrier (cello)..."

And for your GBV fans and/or lovers of superior photorealistic painting:
"...Creative Electric Studios presents paintings
and sculpture by Tobin Sprout,
Guided by Voices guitarist, songwriter and

Opening reception (with Tobin Sprout present):
tomorrow October 21st,

Show runs through Nov. 11th..."

Me and the mister blew in for a minute on Friday, and saw a well-curated exhibit of some of Sprout's best work. But didn't see Mister Sprout his own self. And we didn't have $6000 lying around so we could purchase the brilliant "White Villa". So we consoled ourselves with Shrunken Skulls at Psycho Suzies.

Here's a few images of Kaiser's homemade instruments from earlier this year.


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