Thursday, November 10, 2005

Not So Good Things About St. Paul.

1. Katsu Sushi is no more.

2. Neither are about 75% of the places that were open when I last worked downtown.

3. I can't do that shortcut through the back of Galtier Plaza anymore because there's a restaurant there now.

4. Walking around at lunch feels like walking around in a tidy, but post-apocalyptic world.

5. Smoking ensures that I will never set foot in Big V's or the Turf Club again. Puking after gigs when you are healthy and not drunk sucks. (Yes, I support everyone's right to smoke. I also support my right to not throw up and have a place to go to besides the Acadia.)

6. Nothing to spend money on except food. (This should also be added to the "Good Things about St. Paul column.) And picture-framing places.

7. What the heck's up with that little Scottish place on 5th Street? Is it open or what?

8. Vibrant St. Paul neighborhoods with lots of activity nowhere near where I work.


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