Thursday, August 17, 2006

Voivoidesque self-promotion

Here's my review of Voivoid's new album for City Pages. It feels more like the Saints, thanks to its exuberantly rotten mood. It's the best post-punk whatever record I've heard in a while, and you'll find it in your "heavy metal" section.

The line shoulda been "it's as much as about winter warriors in a Tolkien story as Space Oddity was about stranded astronauts, which is sort of but not really". Oh, whatever, minor nitpick. Rest in peace, Piggy.


Blogger Mark D. said...

Criminy, fookin' VOIVOD makin' the postpunk lists! The only thing I truly remember was a song called "Fuck Off and Die" from when I was in high school a gazillion years ago... maybe it was a cover?

Great review though. Much better than the limp-wristed name-dropping and adverb-spittin shit I've seen in the CP of late...

5:37 PM  

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