Tuesday, January 24, 2006

To the three free jazz heads/nail polish freaks out there

According to the nail polish grapevine, the Lippmann Collection is discontinuing "Bitches Brew" - the only nail polish I know of that commemorates Miles Davis's controversial incorporation of rock elements into his music. When I first ordered it through Nordie's helpline (I had to score the supercute Xmas polish "Holiday" and it wasn't on the website), the sales clerk burst into laughter. When I ordered my archival backup, I wisely chose the website - fewer comments from the peanut gallery.

However, "Nefertiti" is still available. I think Lippmann is honoring Wayne Shorter's composition, but it gives me a giggle to think that it also references Cecil Taylor. This gold is super-cute underneath a bright red, or a garnety brown like, say, Bitches Brew. Jazz-y, one might say.


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