Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Career Path

All I need is the right five-note synth riff, a one-word name, ProTools to boost my lack of talent, empowering lyrics that sound like they're penned by a 15 year old girl, and Ibiza will be mine! And then the dancefloors of the world. And maybe DJ AM level fame? DJ PMS. I like the sound of that. As long as I can avoid gastric bypass surgery and keep the skanky starlets at bay, it'll be all good as the kids say.

Can you tell I've been listening to the Hi-NRG station a lot on lately? I've also been trying to fine-tune my Scorpions-based radio station, but it keeps trying to sneak in these dumbass emo bands with really long names and even longer song titles.

Speaking of internet radios, give WFMU some of your moneys - they're fundraising. Fortunately, apart from Todd-o-Phonic Todd (love the music he plays, can't take the yelling!), their pitches are reasonably low-key, and they are pulling great stuff out of the vaults. They have drawings for great on-air premiums too (boo, I mailed mine in).


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