Tuesday, December 02, 2008

CPW Update 12-2-08 - and consignment

Neiman Marcus brick red cashmere turtleneck sweater - $61.00 (sale price and shipping)
divided by 13 = $4.69

Style & Co giraffe Print short trench coat- $35.00 (sale price) divided by 11 = $3.18/wear
(retired until spring)

Eddie Bauer cassis colored cords - $19.99 (sale price and shipping) divided by 12 = $1.66/wear

My conclusions on cost per wear? I'm going to continue tracking these items until they hit the magical .99 mark. But really, I can't say my opinions are changed, and in fact, it's made me more of a cheapskate for certain items. If you are like my sister, who will buy a $200-300 purse, carry it every day for three years and gift it to a deserving relative while it's still nice, more power to ya.

But I think most of us who are interested in clothes like some variety, and if you are going to go that route, your best bet is to find the best quality for the absolute lowest price. And either wear them right into the ground, or consign them while they still have a lot of life left in them.

Speaking of that.....

I ended up taking far fewer items into the consignment store this past fall than last time. I focused on separates and shoes. I had a couple of choices rejected, which then ended up at the Goodwill . But with five fewer items than last time, I realized $26.00. This seems the best way to go, cause I'm not going down that eBay trail unless I have to.

And why do I go to TurnStyle instead of Plums, the plus-sized consignment store?

* The place looks cleaner and there's far more merchandise
* There's plenty of traffic - it's a busy strip mall in Roseville on the highway
* I do NOT have to make appointments for consigning on a weekday - I just walk in right when consigning hours start
* They will cut me a check on the spot

Haven't tried Elite Repeat, but that may be next on my list.



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