Monday, July 07, 2008

The CPW Update

I was doing a semi-scientific study on how fast clothing truly gets down to "pennies per wear" as the fashion enablers claim. Here is what I purchased during winter/spring clearance, and here's how it's going - thank goodness for a cool June:

Neiman Marcus brick red cashmere turtleneck sweater - $61.00 (sale price and shipping)
divided by 6 = $10.16

Style & Co giraffe Print short trench coat- $35.00 (sale price) divided by 7 = $5.00/wear

Eddie Bauer cassis colored cords - $19.99 (sale price and shipping) divided by 7 = $2.85/wear

I put them away for now, but once the fall hits, you'll see those CPWs drop.

Still, come on about "investment dressing". If you're not buying hardcore couture, bespoke, Hermes accessories or exquisite vintage, clothing is not a traditional investment. Shopping lady at Talbot's who was rooting through the sale racks with me the other day - I don't care what Stacy from WNTW says, I'm still waiting for that red chambray jacket to go down another 20%.



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