Thursday, November 08, 2007

Matt Zaun, RIP

From friends of Dowdydiva, the band Salamander:

Our dear friend Matt Zaun left us in his sleep yesterday, far too soon.
He was with friends in Eau Claire, having just seen the Black Eyed Snakes.
No excessive debauchery, no nihilistic behavior, simply going to sleep and not waking up.
It is currently just a painful mystery; hopefully answers will come to us in the weeks to come.
He was my bandmate in more than one project, he was my good friend. I know he was a good friend to some of you as well, and he was the definition of True Friendship.
He was one of the best designers I have ever known, and one of the finest percussionists I have ever had the pleasure to hear, watch or collaborate with.
The sadness of his death is impossible to process.
You were loved by many, my friend.

Matt's design skills and music can be sampled here, [and here] though just a tiny sliver of his massive body of work is on display:

-- from Erik Wivinus

I wrote about Salamander a couple of years ago. I remember showing up at their practice space and Matt having an icy-cold six pack of beer, but no opener. Until someone rescued us, we ended up trying every stationary object in the room to get that beer open. Laughing the whole time, I may add. That incident didn't make it into the final article, but still always brings a smile to my face when I think about it. Rest in peace, Matt.


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