Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pitiless Television

Interesting article on Bravo TV acquiring Television Without Pity.

The whole bit about "oh, the moderators only clamp down on off-topic posts and bad grammar" is perhaps a bit naive. Perhaps really naive. In my personal experience, the mods are human, under a lot of pressure, and aren't immune to personal likes and dislikes. Some people get cut a lot of slack, some don't.

And as for the S/M dynamic, being an adult and relatively sure of myself, I found that less than "charming". I also resent really nice, smart people being portrayed as whiners in this article because they started alternate sites. I've met some amazing people there who I still keep in touch with, and I enjoy posting occasionally, but it hasn't been the TWoP I practically lived on for a couple of years in, well, at least a couple of years.

But for setting the standard for a high-volume, original site with a really creative identity, they have been unsurpassed. There's a reason they are so popular. And why I still check in about once a week.


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