Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Really, really!

I submitted two Corn Weenie remixes to WFMU's Corn Weenie Remix Challenge. The track "Corn Weenie", a mainstay on Station Manager Ken's Wednesday show, is really entitled "Learn How to Speak Hawaiian" and involves painter Michael Proft exhorting over the 1957 track "Haun Melee" (Sway with Me) by Mohammed el Bakkar.

Mine are the following:
Cecile: Lady Man Lady Hermaphrodite2 Mix

Ceciles Oinky Spiky Conchordic Bass and Drum Mix

Mine are kind of rough, but not bad for being my first 2 mixes with Garage Band.

All the other ones are great, too! If I have to choose a favorite, I have to say Genghis Jung's pretty, postpunk track "Now You Can Sing The Song (Corn Weenie)".

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