Monday, November 20, 2006

That Witchcraft Got Me, Keep Going Round and Round

Pictures I got at the Witchcraft show on 11/16/06.

They put on a remarkable show - the music's about six time tighter and more energetic than the discs, and singer Magnus for all his Ozzy/Roky-esque angst is a regular goofball onstage - real relaxed and kind of whimsical. And silly: When a song started with a big Neanderthal kind of chug, he pounded on his chest like King Kong along with the music. They did a Pentagram cover ("When the screams come") and rejiggered "Her Sisters They Were Weak" so much off the first album, my companions and I swore it was some kind of brutal Fairport cover.

Anyway, a great, great show. I played around with the wonderful and frightening world of my flash on my now way-obselete camera and I have to say the screwed-up pictures look cooler in a way. More probably later.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Vintage Powerage

This is something I wrote a long, long time ago for Your Flesh. Now their site is up, and Bon lives!

I won't tell you the story of the time I missed seeing Bon and AC/DC on a dock in Sydney Harbor by 5 minutes 30 years ago because it always depresses me. I did grab a photo from my mom's house of that fateful day, though, and if I can find the blame thing, I'll post it. The milling 1976 Aussie teens are even more awesome in retrospect.

Here's the image (from the essential AC/DC site, that almost single-handedly warped my life into the weirdness it is today: